Honest Mom: Real Stories | Real Life

Welcome to my mommy journal.  The place where I tell all my mom stories so you can get a laugh and I can avoid going crazy! It’s a win-win folks.  Don’t worry…there are also sweet and heart-warming stories in here too 🙂

I hope you will jump in with your stories and experiences as well.  We are all in this crazy parenting thing together and I wouldn’t change a thing!

For those of you just joining in on my life, I have been married to this amazing human being for nearly 5 years….

me and craig

Together we made this insanely cute little person…..

car maddox

And this is my full time job…

me and bubs

Aside from my other full time job of earning a paycheck, being a wife, a friend and a human being.  Can I get an amen?? Not to toot our own horns, but parents deserve some sort of life-time achievement award for just remaining as functional members of society. The parental to-do list is a job description unlike any other!

I won’t bombard you with any more personal info today, but as a parting gift here is the most recent encounter with our now 2 year old.  This pretty much describes most of our conversations these days.  (photo cred @craigstotts )  Can you relate??!

i'm a bust you


2 thoughts on “Honest Mom: Real Stories | Real Life

  1. So cute! Love it!!! And a huge amen to all the above!!! Just wait till you add another little one to that list…. muhahaha….


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