Today we bought a King bed

It’s been a long time since I lost sleep in the middle of the night.  Like 2am sleep. The sleep that is the most rare and beautiful.  Unicorn sleep.

Basically this………just for your reference…..


But it happened last night. I lost several hours of precious unicorn sleep, and it wasn’t because of my 2 year old.

Apparently…….I elbowed Craig in the spine last night at 2am??  Did I mention we have a queen bed? Did I mention that waking Craig in that way was like waking a hibernating bear? Did I mention that I sleep like someone claiming their territory in the pioneer days? Somebody get me a flag!

You guys, it wasn’t pretty.  We aren’t fighters, but if we’re both asleep when something goes down we turn into “sleep-yellers”. That weird voice that you use when your brain isn’t really present but your voice is shouting things that you can’t quite control……it was that. But it gets better…..

Craig got over it pretty quick because he was hibernating better than I was when the incident happened. But I still have mommy sleep brain to the max. Meaning, if I wake up FOR REAL…..then I’m awake for the next hour minimum (because that’s how long a night feeding was when I had a newborn and my body completely re-wired itself for the rest of eternity). Anybody else? mmmmmk.

I saw that unicorn run out of my room at top speed.  We apologized to each other in our “sleep-whisper” voices, but I was truly angry that I was awake. Poor Craig.  He puts up with a lot from me. He got nailed and had to talk me down from my mommy rage at 2am.

Anywayyyyy…..all that to say, after almost 5 years of marriage…..we bought a King bed today.  THIS MORNING IN FACT. It’s funny now, but it wasn’t funny at 2am.

Sometimes the investments you make in your marriage are quality time, apologies and emotional interest.  Other times its a King size bed.

Just being honest!


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