Please don’t eat out of the trash….


I guess this week’s theme is food related. That’s usually where most of our mishaps happen throughout the week. My son has inherited my “hangry” issues so food takes precedence over everything else a lot of times. I guess he was fairly desperate at one point this week because I shouted…

“Maddox, please don’t eat out of the trash!”…..

….as he pulled a hand full of day-old chicken fried rice directly out of the trashcan and immediately into his mouth before I could stop him. gross. It’s a wonder kids aren’t sick every minute of every day. Speaking of cleanliness, Craig told me the other day that I needed to bathe Maddox as soon as possible because…

“It looks like he has Bubonic Plague under his fingernails.”

…sometimes we exaggerate in our house.

Some other food things that happened this week:

1. Somehow Maddox got ahold of a receipt and was slowly eating pieces of paper in his car seat. Fiber I guess.

2. I kissed Maddox and somehow ended up with half-chewed chicken nugget in my mouth.

3. Craig fed Maddox a bite of chicken fried rice (before it was in the trash) and I guess Maddox ended up with a dreaded vegetable in his mouth and immediately spit the entire bite directly into Craig’s face, all over his lap and onto the couch. I’m thinking we should work on table manners at my house. Or we just need to stop eating chicken fried rice.

4. I discovered there is a large amount of MSG in Cheez-Its……what the what? I’m not uber paranoid about eating 100% clean foods all the time but I’ve been slowly poisoning my child apparently. Do you have any idea how addicted my son is to Cheez-It’s? Now I know why. Pray for me as we detox him soon.

5. Maddox ate a veggie-squeeze pouch and AN ACTUAL GREEN BEAN off of his dinner plate…… and there was much rejoicing.

Now……on a totally non-food related note…..Maddox is a giant these days and I am procrastinating putting him into a big boy bed and losing all sense of control during the night. So if you have any genius bed-transitioning tactics please tell me all your secrets.


-a first-time mom

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2 thoughts on “Please don’t eat out of the trash….

  1. Caleb eats out of the trash on a regular basis. No matter how consistent we are with whatever consequence, he continues to do so and sees nothing wrong with it. Also, we’re still struggling with the big boy bed…six months in. Ha!! Good luck!!!


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