Mommy Milestones

“Another day, another dollar.”  That’s the saying. Or as it goes in my house…

“Another day, another dollar I wasted on the waffle you didn’t eat and stored for safe keeping on me instead.”

waffle new

I wish there were more funny sayings for the other unexpected things that happen when you are in close proximity to a toddler 90% of the time.  Such as…

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself…..unless you’re riding 6 hrs in a car with a toddler and then that is true fear.”


“No pain, no gain…..unless that pain is having your eyeball licked while changing a diaper.”

OR (just one more)……

“Nothing is impossible…….unless you find your toddler drawing on his tongue with a pen and then you should give up on everything else.”

Nobody else? mmmmk.

There are days when these things are really funny. And then there are the days when I want to pull every hair out of my head, rip that pen out of Maddox’s hand and write “EVERYONE LEAVE ME ALONE” on my forehead for the world to see. Possibly in Sharpie for a more lasting effect.

However, despite this VERY REAL urge to run away, there are a lot of times at night, when I finally lay down and get a few minutes to reflect on my day, that I worry. I worry that all the things I fretted about, and yelled about, and lost my patience over were a total waste of energy. Energy that could have been used elsewhere in a much more lasting way.

I can really lose my mommy mind sometimes. Like……lose it. You know what I mean? When you’ve just had one of those days full of cracker crumbs and stinky boy feet and crying and screaming and tantrums and cookies just aren’t helping you feel better like they normally do and……yeah.

If that’s how the day has been, by the time we get to bath time I am officially OVER THE TOP with my reactions. You would think that the water Maddox is splashing me with during bath time had shards of glass in it. “If one more drop comes flying out of the bathtub we are all going to die” kind of reactions. (see exhibit A below for real life bath-aftermath pic)…


(I literally saved this pic under the word “haggard” in case you were wondering how I felt about it)

Anywayyyyy my point is, a lot of times I’m so focused on making sure my son hits all his milestones and doesn’t end up living in my basement playing video games when he’s 30 because he never learned how to be a normal human….that I forget to just hang out with him. Like a real person. Yes he is a crazy maniac who licks my eyeballs sometimes….but who doesn’t amiright??

When we found out we were expecting with Maddox, I wrote this little poem for that little person I didn’t know yet….


Even though motherhood is MUCH HARDER than I ever imagined, it is also worth every minute. Sometimes I go back and read this poem to remind myself that Maddox needs me to be there for him, and not just because he needs me to cut his food into perfect squares before he’ll eat it….

So… is my list of Mommy Milestones that I will be working on:

  1. Just sitting with my son
  2. Tone it down with the yelling
  3. Splashing is ok
  4. Eating a real meal at the table as a family
  5. Including my son in what I’m working on
  6. Taking time off of work to just be with him even though it’s 100% impractical
  7. Not being a selfish idiot

mommy milestones

What are your Mommy Milestones going to be?


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3 thoughts on “Mommy Milestones

  1. My mommy molestone:
    I will answer questions. I have an inquisitive little girl. As the day progresses and we reach question number 987,865 I will just answer her question. Not with sarcasm and not snappy, just the answer. She wouldn’t ask if she already knew the answer. And just because I’m over the 20 questions, doesn’t mean she’s trying to get on my last nerve.


  2. My Mommy milestone: If all else is failing… point them back to Christ! Acknowledge Jesus! And celebrate Him and His everlasting love! Encouraging my kids to pray and teaching them about God! Because…a their relationship with God will remain forever but their relationship with me is for a short time.


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