An open letter to all mothers

An open letterto allmothers

Dear Mother,

I see you. I understand your crazy eyes. I know what it’s like to bathe a 2 yr old at 6:45am because of the unimaginable bathroom episode that occurred in his bed while everyone else was asleep. How could such a tiny person create so much pee? This is a mathematical mystery. Don’t worry son….I had already planned to completely strip your bedding as soon as I woke up and before I got ready for work. Oh wait… Unless it’s opposite day, and then yes.

I know, dearest mother, that sometimes the only way you survive your emotions is by grunting and sighing and wailing as you take in the vast landscape of carnage that is….the L.A.U.N.D.R.Y.  What has happened here? Did everyone soil every piece of clothing beyond recognition and leave it for dead? Surely. This is the only explanation.

Bless you, dearest mother, for at least attempting to reason with your child in public. Even if you retain a shred of dignity it was worth it. Also, I am told this pays off later. That somehow, over the years, these words of rationale pierce through the blood-curdling screams in the Target checkout line and produce reasonable spawn who will successfully make it through said checkout line without tears and/or demanding that you produce chicken nuggets out of thin air.  Please…..please let this be true.

I understand, sweet mama, that you are tired. OH HOW I KNOW THAT YOU ARE TIRED. I never knew it was possible to be 100% awake and 100% asleep at once. Only a rite of passage like “having a newborn” will give you this new superpower. There is no other path. (BONUS: this does not EVER change, regardless of what age you or your children are.) Also, this “tiredness” comes from the endless and everlasting EVERYTHING that must be picked up and returned to it’s place in your house everyday….when the stars align.

I know, Mama, what it is like to have a toddler burp into your mouth……dark times.

Speaking of dark times, I have been there too, Mama. To the dark places. The trenches in your mind where you question yourself and wonder if you’re doing a good job. The moments when you think you will surely unravel in every way. The days where all that remains is the “mommy machine” that you have become and you are not sure where the rest of your human-ness has escaped to. I get it. I visit those places more often than I’d like, but during my visitations I have discovered something that is slowly changing me…..

Motherhood defies all the odds.

It defies logic and medical absolutes. It proves that sleep is not a thing. It reminds us that being a MOM = being a SUPERHERO.


Sorry, I just wanted you to see it again just in case you didn’t accept it the first time I typed it.

Seriously, how else you could you do all that you do? How else could you read the same book 10 times in a row to your completely “un-tired” child by the time bedtime arrives? How else could you keep everyone alive and reasonably clean and healthy? How else could you muster the strength to wrestle your toddler into a straight-jacket position and squeeze ONE TINY DROP OF PINK EYE MEDICINE THAT COST $100 INTO YOUR CHILD’S EYE AS HE SCREAMS LIKE HE’S BEING MURDERED? HOW ELSE?!!!

Superhero I tell you.

So why have I written to you? Just to remind you of your true identity. You are important. You are vital. And you have been wired by God to do this job. He is with you and empowering you and you are not alone. Are we perfect? ummm no. We just have to be available. God can do anything with a mother depending on Him.

Dearest mother…… you are a superhero.


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