Make the Time

make the time

Let’s talk about interruptions.

Also-known-as: your new normal as a parent. There is hardly a task that I accomplish in one sitting now that I have a child. I return to half-completed projects/meals/tv shows/incidents all the time. I have basically become a crime scene investigator in my own home…..

What happened here? What does the evidence tell me? What was I doing here before everything exploded all over the house? Who was involved in this crime? Is there DNA? Let’s interview the witnesses…..

Sometimes I AM THE CULPRIT, but for the life of me, I can’t remember why I left the faucet running, or forgot all the refrigerated groceries in the car all day. Probably an all-thought-consuming crisis of poop disaster.

Interruptions throw me off my concentration game something fierce. It’s a problem. Here are a few more examples….

  1. When you have a toddler and any of the following happens:
    • You take a shower
    • You take a bathroom break
    • You get a phone call
    • You sit down to eat anything
    • You try to use your phone for anything
    • You turn on any music other than Barney
    • You try to WATCH anything other than Barney on Netflix
      • side note – death to Barney
    • You try to arrive somewhere on time
    • You think you are going to arrive somewhere on time but then there is a poop explosion as soon as you get everyone loaded in their car seats
    • You think you are going to take a nap but then you realize that your children can somehow magically hear your thoughts and now they know you are tired and will therefore up their kids-gone-wild game to level 1000 and how dare you even THINK about taking a nap because you know it will be INTERRUPTED AS SOON AS YOU DRIFT OFF (rant over)

You get the idea.

I’m beginning to realize that the rules of life have changed and UN-INTERRUPTED time is no longer something that comes to you naturally. It no longer appears on it’s own. You have to seek it out. You have to fight for it. You have to make the time. This now applies TO EVERY IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP IN YOUR LIFE.


My husband and I are dreamers and thinkers. We are brain-stormers. We like to throw out crazy ideas and flesh out the details. This is vital to our relationship and our souls. There are only certain environments where our conversations have the space and time to come alive and breathe life into us. This time used to come naturally. Usually during 8 hr Netflix marathons on the weekends where we ate donuts in bed and only left the house for breakfast burritos at 2pm. We had time to spare AND WE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT. Foolish newlyweds. Bless.

Real talk? The environment of “being a real grown-up” is SO DIFFERENT. Most of the time we are both in the bunker, riding out the war that is adult life: bills, calendars, work, laundry, tantrums, bills, church, car/house/yard maintenance, THE HEALTH INSURANCE CRISIS OF THE AGES, did I say bills yet? These environments are a DEAD ZONE for heart-to-hearts. We are simply passing each other grenades, charging the enemy together and praying we come out alive.

But, when we’re alone and can have a conversation UNINTERRUPTED by all the crazy…..our conversations are wildly different. It’s honest. It’s raw and soul-bearing and you finally get to bleed out all the poison that’s soaked into you during the life battles. You get to laugh at how cute your kid is and your “crazy eyes” after that diaper explosion you cleaned up, and how much you couldn’t do it without each other. Make the time.


Let’s be honest. This is a hard one. Why? Because most of the time you feel like you are negotiating with a terrorist. Yes, there is a language barrier. No, there is not a translator. Too far? Motherhood is 99% negotiation. At least when you have a 2 yr old. Attention spans are short. Opinions are in abundance. And by the end of the day I am hanging by my last mommy thread.

BUT, those last 30 minutes of the day can be magical. When my kiddo is snuggled in my arms in bed reading a book and giggling (because toots are funny). And singing our songs. And thanking God for “Mommy & Daddy & Mickey Mouse”. WORTH. EVERY. MINUTE. Make the time.

Your People:

Friends get the short end of the stick most of the time because we look at them as luxuries; as if they are a WANT and not a NEED. I beg to differ. If it weren’t for the friends in my life I would most definitely be “picking up calls on a banana” somewhere (thanks New Girl). It literally does “take a village” to live well in this life and you cannot make it without other people in your world. Conversations with my sister where we catch up on each other’s lives and share real concerns and laugh about things only we think are funny. Constant text conversations with my cousin that COULD NEVER BE SHOWN TO ANYONE or they would lock us up. Fierce friends, who really should be called “family”, that speak life and joy into my soul regularly. Without these UNINTERRUPTED moments with my people I could not go on. COULD NOT. None of us could. Make the time.


And last, and often times least (if I’m being honest)……my time with Jesus.

Now, before you stop listening because I played the “Jesus card”….just hear me out for a second. This is not a “quiet time” guilt trip moment. This is real talk. Just imagine E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G we are missing without UNINTERRUPTED time with Jesus. It scares me. I can’t imagine going weeks or months without having deep conversations with my husband or my dear friends. And yet, I do exactly that when it comes to my relationship with Jesus. Why is this so hard?!!

My theory?

Jesus’ primary method of communication is by invitation. Not interruption.

I forget that although Jesus CAN blatantly invade and interrupt my world to get my attention (LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE) – he often times waits to be invited. And acknowledged. He needs ME to think about Him. He wants ME to send him an invite. He needs US to participate with him. Otherwise it’s just an obligation. I can’t think of any relationship built on obligation that excites or betters anyone.

Don’t let the interruptions dictate the trajectory of your life. Take the reigns. Be intentional.

Make. The. Time.

“My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.” And my heart responds,”LORD, I am coming.”

 (Psalms 27:8 NLT)


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One thought on “Make the Time

  1. I truly do not have the words for how true, painful, hilarious and NEEDED these words are. I love you so much and I’m proud of you. I’m also proud that I’m the cousin with whom these illicit texts are shared lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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